Homebox is helping to solve New Zealand’s greatest property challenges with high quality affordable homes delivered in as little as 12 weeks.  

Homebox offers both turn-key and customisable homes that are healthy, sustainably made and will stand the test of time.

A true asset, your Homebox is made to be re-purposed, moved and enjoyed for years to come.

Choose your Homebox

Pick a turn-key home or customise to your heart's content. Whether you're dreaming of a home, a sleepout, a bach, an office or an investment, Homebox has options that will tick the box. 

All Homebox modules are 30m2, designed for easy relocation and can be customised lego-style to suit your needs.

Make the dream a reality

Affordable homes that look great

Homebox makes home ownership affordable  through an efficient factory process and a fixed price guarantee that reduces financing barriers.

Easier than you think

With a turn-key process managed by Homebox, owning a new home, bach or office is easier than ever. 

Building Consent not required for the Homebox Lite. The Homebox Abode  requires a building consent

Get some peace of mind

Built without the delays

5 week construction guarantee.

12 week turn-key solution for off-the-shelf Homebox.

Quality to last

10 year construction and product warrantee, strong steel construction and materials designed for New Zealand’s demanding conditions mean living without the usual maintenance costs.

Great looking any way you choose

Make it easy with a turn-key home

Get a great looking architecturally designed, turn-key home with Homebox Abode.

Customise to your style and use.

Customise to any use or style with Homebox Lite. Keep it simple and low cost or create a dream space - the choice is yours.

It just feels good

Live in comfort

Homebox comes warm and quiet with full insulation and double glazing throughout.
Choose an Abode and you'll also get a high efficiency heatpump included.

Care for the future

Homebox uses up to 90% less waste than traditional building methods and is built in a carefully controlled environment with New Zealand sourced materials.

The easy Homebox process

Project information
and site requirements

Time estimate: 
1 week

of order

Time estimate: 
2-4 weeks


5 weeks
(Guaranteed for construction)

& installation

Time estimate: 
1 week


Time estimate: 
1 week


Check out our FAQ’s or get in touch, we’d love to chat. 

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